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Brian Solis Is Quoted in a Publico Article About “Changing the World from your Smartphone”

Solis is mentioned in reference to a applications that are being created via a new trend of “microvolunteering,” a part of online volunteering, where people can access websites or install mobile apps to help, sporadically, in minutes. Solis is referred to as “one of the researchers who care about the trend of “slacktivism.”

Translated from Portuguese, he says, “Shares and likes do not cause change by itself. We all believe we are triggering change because we say, do, or share something over the Internet.” article by Karla Pequenino has a thesis that “Helping should not be difficult – with the Internet, chatbots and mobile applications, it is increasingly easier to give time and energy to good causes from the comfort of the sofa.”

Read the entire article here:

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