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Inc.: Brian Solis’s list of 10 Things Change Agents Do, According to Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Visa, and the NFL

by John Koetsier, Inc. (excerpt)

In a recent article, Inc. summarized Brian Solis’ newest report, “The Digital Change Agent’s Manifesto.” This meaty report shares the 10 things change agents, the “indispensable leaders of digital transformation in organizations,” do… and, as Inc. writes, “it’s not just a strong desire for change.”

Inc. elaborated on these 10 common characteristics that Brian’s report says change agents typically do, which are:

  1. Embrace being a catalyst
  2. Organize with other change agents
  3. Learn to speak the language of the C-Suite
  4. Make allies
  5. Spread digital literacy
  6. Create a digital transformation roadmap
  7. Link digital transformation efforts to business goals and individuals’ goals
  8. Set metrics and milestones
  9. Democratize ideation
  10. Capitalize on your own inherent “super powers” […]

Brian Solis’ full report is available here.

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