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Olga Reinholdt: Brian Solis and how Customer Experience Design is shaping the world of tomorrow

by Olga Reinholdt (excerpt)

In this thought-provoking article based on Brian Solis’ book X: The Experience When Business Meets Design, author, coach, and self-realization activist Olga Reinholdt discusses the role of empathy in customer experience.

From the article:

Why would somebody become an emotional mess over a keynote on the “future of social media”?

I know why I did when I listened to Brian Solis presentation in March 2018.

Among the noise made of “conversion”, “traffic”, “leads”, “reach”, “content strategy”, “ROI”, etc,, there was one clear voice that reminded everyone that there are humans beyond all these buzz-words.

Marketing is primarily interaction with humans, and in the digital age the humans can talk back at the marketing campaigns. Nowadays clients can share their experience loudly, and businesses are responsible for taking true care about that.

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