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Moonshot: Brian Solis on the Role of Fear in Digital Transformation

by Mike Edmonds, Moonshot (excerpt)

This recent blog post from digital consultancy Moonshot examines the role that fear plays in digital transformation. The post cites The Digital Change Agent’s Manifesto–Brian Solis’ report on the human factors of digital transformation–which underlines how fear can hold back digital change in an organization.

From the article:

One of the traits that people need to come to grips with is fear. In his report The Digital Change Agent’s Manifesto, Brian Solis discusses fear as one of the principal factors that can hold back a company’s change agents from flourishing. Solis writes,

Some reluctant change agents are either too scared to rock the boat or don’t feel it’s their place to bring forth bold ideas. In fact, the fear that they will fail to rally support for their ideas often keeps them from even trying. But change agents must take confidence in their digital expertise and learn to speak with authority.

At Moonshot, we work with change agents all the time. And I can attest to what Brian Solis says. I definitely encounter people who fear change – change that comes with leading your company into creating voice-based products, experimenting with immersive reality, or adopting artificial intelligence. After all, we’re talking about risk as well as reward.

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