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SugarCRM Blog: A Recap of the CRM Evolution 2018 Conference

by Katie Liesmann, SugarCRM Blog (excerpt)

This recent blog post from SugarCRM Blog recaps CRM Evolution 2018, a conference for the customer relationship industry which took place April 9–11. Among the highlights: Brian Solis’ keynote presentation, “Designing Customer Experiences that Matter to a New Generation of Accidental Narcissists.” In the talk, Solis discussed how Digital Darwinism has changed customer behaviors, which requires changes in how customer experiences are designed.

From the post:

The State of Customer Experience

Another point of discussion was the fact that many organizations talk about customer experience and customer journeys, but few create customer experience strategies and tactics that they execute.

In the opening session, Brian Solis spoke of “digital Darwinism,” a term he uses to explain how technology has changed our behaviors, attention spans, and expectations as consumers. Each device which provides us with what we want and when we want it has evolved us into an “accidental narcissist”. The technology invented and sold by organizations created these behavior morphing side effects unintentionally, and in response, organizations are forced to change themselves to provide new experiences that meet these new consumer expectations. He argued that there are still many industries and spaces whose processes need to catch up by putting the consumer experience at the center of their organization.

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