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Brian Solis Quoted In Linked in Article About Frictionless Experiences and Their Impact on the Fitness Industry

A large set apart quote by Solis is a highlight in a LinkedIn article by Kelly Card, Senior Vice President of Partner Relations at ABC Financial, called “Frictionless Experiences: What They Are and How They Will Impact the Fitness Industry.”

Card’s premise is that customer expectations have shifted in the digital age towards frictionless experiences via direct money transfers and mobile financial transactions. She believes this trend will change everything about the fitness business.

Solis’ quote early in the article is in a larger font and centered. He is identified as Author, Speaker and FXC Thought Leader. He says, “We can’t have the conversation about online, offline and the transcendent experience between the two because we haven’t looked at what our customers value, love, desire and how they behave. Once we do, we can find opportunities to design new, better, unified experiences online and in the real world.”

Read the entire article here:

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