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Brian Solis and Lifescale Are Referenced In Hubb Blog Article On Changing Industry Conference Models

Solis’ new book Lifescale is referenced in a Hubb article by Dan Gingiss (Chief Experience Officer of Winning Customer Experience, LLC) called “The Old Industry Conference Model is Broken.” The article focuses on the questionable content of industry conferences due to the methods by which many industry events seek out speakers.

Gingiss takes the view that “The sales team is interested in funding the event with corporate sponsors, so they offer up speaking opportunities as a ‘carrot’ to those willing to shell out thousands of dollars to have their name on the wall and in the program. The marketing team wants big corporate logos so they can show them to prospective attendees in hopes of impressing them with the quality of other people attending the event.”

Solis is referenced after Gingiss writes, “The issue is exacerbated by the fact that the attention span of the audience is shorter than ever.” Paraphrasing Lifescale, the author adds, “we are all too easily distracted today – with technology, with multitasking and with – what was I saying again? – oh yeah, with increasing demands on our time at work and home.”

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