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Niche Publishing Network Spotlights Brian Solis’ Lifescale As a Top Read

Solis is high on the reading list of Lyndsie Clark of Niche Publishing Network, who links to articles on three books in her piece “What we’re reading: creating evergreen content, using Google Analytics, and boosting editorial creativity.”

After sharing the link to the piece on Lifescale (How digital distraction is killing creativity and what to do about It), Clark summarizes: “This article discusses how being constantly plugged in to digital sources can zap productivity and creativity, and offers solutions for dealing with this as noted within digital anthropologist Brian Solis’ book Life Scale. The main solutions involve stepping away from digital distractions to boost creativity, and clearly define your purpose so that you don’t succumb to distractions that fall outside your goal.”

Her key takeaway: “I’ve been a part of editorial teams that have fallen apart due to digital distraction – whether its been distraction from social media or the overwhelm of too many news sources or opportunities to deal with. Unplugging from digital in a role where you need to be plugged into the world at all times is hard. I’m not sure what the total answer is, but providing a workplace culture that allows brainstorming at a computer-free desk or at a cafe could work for some.

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