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Banking Transformed Podcast Features Brian Solis Talking about how his “Lifescale” Concepts Can Transform Organizations


Solis appeared recently on the Banking Transformed Podcast, hosted by Jim Marcus, which runs on The Financial Brand Platform. The title of the introductory article preceding the podcast recording is “Personal Growth During Times of Digital Disruption.

Digital disruption is impacting today’s worker more than ever, with sociologists believing that today’s worker will need to ‘reinvent themselves’ several times during a career in the future. While maintaining the status quo provides a temporary comfort zone, personal disruption can dramatically improve chances of finding financial, social, and emotional success. This personal transformation requires a new perspective.

Solis does more in this podcast than talk about the essential concepts of “Lifescale.” He discusses his scientific findings, and provides insights that can help any person dissect where they are today, what could be holding them back, and how to be better positioned for long-term success and satisfaction. He calls the book his first written through a personal lens.

After mentioning how our addiction to mobile devices and social media has rewired our brains to command more attention (“a super precious commodity”), he says, “I see the patterns across my entire life. How do you reach and bank a customer and help them grow their wealth management if they are constantly distracted? In a comparative economy, I think about that from a human level, designing better touch points and messages. I now see the book as a means to transform the executives and decision makers in organizations, to take those ideas and transform the organizations to be more agile, innovative and disruptive.”

Read the entire article and listen to the podcast here:

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