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MarketingTech’s Editorial Team Taps Conversation with Brian Solis as a ‘Highlight from 2019’

The editorial team of MarketingTech News tapped the site’s conversation with the digital analyst as a highlight of 2019, a year that the site noted “saw tightening regulations on influencer marketing and social media, as well as a wider exploration of the psychological and ethical effects of both.”

Pointing to James Bourne’s May 2019 piece on Solis titled Digital Wounds Run Deep, the editorial staff of the marketing and digital media site noted his observations on psychological manipulation of the ‘perpetual scroll’ and users’ addiction to an infinite content stream. “Without even thinking, we’re scrolling with no greater purpose than just because it’s what our bodies and minds have come to expect,” Solis told Bourne in May.

“It’s second nature at this point, like breathing – and it has corrosive effects.”

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