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Exploring digital transformation and influence

Exploring digital transformation and influence

I constantly face a challenge in that I spend so much time researching and writing that I barely have time to promote my research and writing. I often think, “what’s the point of doing all of this work if no one will see it!?” In a rare moment however, I was able to spend time with Onalytica to take about my areas of study, how I got here and who/what influences me. I hope it helps you… HOW DID YOU…

At the Pivot of Business, Marketing and Media

I am certainly no stranger to the conference circuit. Over the years, I’ve helped many friends organize conferences, advised organizers on programming and positioning, and presented at or attended scores of others. It is at these conferences where I am fortunate to meet and support many friends and new friends alike while also learning from the wisdom of my peers. Nothing will change…I’m passionate about all of the above. But, I do have some news to share with you… As…

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