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In Truth We Trust?

In Truth We Trust?

I often hear people say… the one thing they appreciate in someone is “how honest” they are …or that they “speak their mind.” But, they’re not the same. Honesty is free of deceit and untruthfulness. The other, is when you say what you think very directly. It’s important that each of us understand the differences …for they form our foundation of ethics, morals and character. They symbolize what is or isn’t ok for us …as individuals and as a society….

Social Media is Lost Without a Social Compass

Marcia W. DiStaso and Denise Sevick Bortree recently published a university-level textbook to address an important topic by the same name, The Ethical Practice of Social Media in Public Relations. As they were wrapping up the editing of the book, I was asked to contribute the foreword. Upon reading some of the manuscript, the answer was, YES! Of course, I asked if I could share it here with you and I’m happy to announce that it’s included below… About The…

The Social Compass is the GPS for the Adaptive Business

Over the years, I’ve written extensively about the need to extend opportunities in social media beyond marketing and customer service to set the stage for the social business. I believe that the impact lies beyond the socialization of business; it introduces us to a genre of an adaptive business, an entity that can earn relevance now and over time by listening, engaging, and learning. In October 2009, I worked with JESS3 to visualize corporate transparency and authenticity for the release…

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