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WTF (What’s the Future) of AI, Autonomous Driving, Brand and Experiences

WTF (What’s the Future) of AI, Autonomous Driving, Brand and Experiences

I’ve been a big fan of John Biggs for a long time now. He’s the East Coast Editor for TechCrunch. John is also a fellow geek, global speaker and prolific writer on emerging tech and also fiction and non-fiction books. on top of it all, he’s the host of the popular Technotopia podcast. Recently, John and I were speaking about the future of AI, autonomous driving and other disruptive technologies. As a result, we turned it into an episode for…

Crunch This! Arrington Launches CrunchGear to Expand Online Media Empire

In about a year, Michael Arrington has risen to fame and fortune through TechCrunch covering Web 2.0 startups while aligning himself with some of the most influential people in the industry. Now he is among the most influential in the industry… A couple of weeks ago, he launched CrunchBoard to help companies and jobseekers connect and yesterday, he officially launched CrunchGear, which, according to Arrington, “will look like something between a pure blog and CNET Reviews.” Arrington continued in his…

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