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Twitxr is the Twitter for Pictures

by Brian Solis We have Twitter for text, Seesmic for video, Jott for voice, utterz for all forms of multimedia, and now we have Twitxr for your pictures. Yep, it’s the latest shiny new micromedia service – meaning that you’re can share and discovery content in “Byte-sized” portions. Twitxr, however, allows you to tell your story through text and pictures. Michael Arrington of TechCrunch calls it photoblogging. But, if Twitter and Tumblr are to blogging what twitxr is to photoblogging,…

Jott Boosts Mobile Productivity Through the Power of Voice

Recently I wrote about Pinger and how it was a useful tool for using your voice to send “voicemail-based” text messages to individuals as well as different groups. I still use it for very specific messaging with my various teams. In addition to Pinger, there’s a new service which I can’t seem to stop using. And, since I’m on the road quite a bit these days, it is helping me keep pace with my workflow as if I were in…

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