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Humanity and Transparency are Genuine Value Propositions

Humanity and Transparency are Genuine Value Propositions

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to keynote #SMMW18 in San Diego on the “State and Future of Social Media” and how we can (and need to) take back control of technology’s role in our lives. It was the first time speaking on the subject after walking away from it for several years. It was a big talk…first time presenting it. It was also a big audience…several thousand attendees. I was nervous and human and trying to stay centered….

Here’s to the past, but now it’s time to learn and unlearn toward the future

Here’s to the past, but now it’s time to learn and unlearn toward the future

How we measure future success is based on yesterday’s understanding of what success meant. It was a different time. The experiences that many deliver today are based on standards of the past and what was acceptable to a preceding generation of customers. People have changed and continue to do so. We simply can’t imagine new possibilities if we can’t see, feel, hear, sense, people as they advance. Otherwise, our ideas, no matter how creative, brilliant, bold, will always be rooted…

Change happens to you and because of you

I’ve come to learn that having opinions, insights, and standing for something is as taxing as it is rewarding. Like you, I am inspired by what surrounds me, by history and by the possibilities that open up as a result of my experiences. But, it is not easy. And, I suppose it’s not supposed to be. I too feel challenged by what I should say versus what has already been said, yet also shaped by what should not be vocalized….

The Undercurrent of a Cultural Renaissance

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Melissa Pierce recently at The Computer History Museum in Mountain View. Brett Petersel of Mashable and Jane Quigley of Crayon insisted that we connect and I gladly obliged. Melissa is a professional life coach and also the producer of Life In Perpetual Beta, an ambitious interview-driven documentary that features stripped-down, honest, and unpretentious one-on-one conversations with thought leaders and pioneers in the fields of New Marketing and Social Media. Life In Perpetual Beta…

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