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Evolving customer behavior gives retailers insight into innovation priorities

Evolving customer behavior gives retailers insight into innovation priorities

“Innovation starts with understanding who people are becoming, because in there are the insights into how they shop and why.” – Brian Solis, principal analyst at Altimeter Group Not too long ago, I had the opportunity to present my vision for retail innovation and shopper experience at “The Summit” hosted by AT&T in Dallas. Following the event, the AT&T Editorial Team, published a written summary and also a video highlight reel of my talk. I wanted to share them with…

The Future of Experience Design

The Future of Experience Design

It’s amazing to me how many companies still don’t “see” the customer when it comes to customer experience. While everyone talks about Customer Experience (CX) as the new black, most companies miss the real opportunity to be customer-centric. They don’t actually think about experiences from the perspective of the people they want to reach. Customers are evolving. Business processes and mindsets are not keeping up. As a result, they’re limited in the ability to design experiences that matter to an…

16 Quotes Visualized from The End of Business as Usual

The other day I saw a Tweet that caught my attention. It read “16 Reasons Why You Should Read the End of Business as Usual” and included a link. I ended up on the site of Josh Duncan who publishes visual summaries of information that moves him. I was intrigued and decided to click through the 16 quotes from the book that motivated him to take the time to create a presentation. To put it simply, I was moved and…

6 Ways Social Media Helps Your Presentation Resonate

Guest post by Nancy Duarte, founder of Duarte, author of Resonate and Slide:ology. Follow her on Twitter and read her blog. Social media has forced presentations to become an interactive conversation. Presenters who embrace audience participation are connecting their audiences to their ideas in a more meaningful way. Using social media as a connection tool goes beyond just looking at the twitter feed to assess if you were boring or not. There are six ways to utilize social media while…

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