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An Intern’s Review of WTF: What’s the Future of Business

An Intern’s Review of WTF: What’s the Future of Business

One of the little known stories about my previous book, What’s the Future of Business: Changing the way businesses create experiences, is that I wrote and published it after I had started my latest book, X: The Experience when business meets design.  While it stands on its own, WTF is technically a companion book to X and can be read as a part 2 of sorts. One of the lesser known facts about WTF, is that it wasn’t even on my docket….

Expert Review: Tony Hsieh on The End of Business as Usual

What follows is an expert review written by Tony Hsieh, NY Times bestselling author of Delivering Happiness and CEO of, Inc. This book [The End of Business as Usual] covers an important concept for businesses everywhere. The future of business isn’t just about the latest technology, it’s about market disruption and how an organization recognizes and adapts to new opportunities. Without adaptation, businesses will fall to “digital Darwinism“, as Brian says. Consumer behavior is changing and, as Brian observes,…

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