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Social Business is the Sum of Social Media Marketing, Social Customer Service, Social Selling and More

Social Business is the Sum of Social Media Marketing, Social Customer Service, Social Selling and More

Customers and employees are still underserved and underappreciated. Some would say, in business, social media lost its way. Others would argue social media failed to live up to the hype. There are unfortunately still many examples of businesses not getting it, viewing or outsourcing it as a mere “marketing” function, and operating in siloes where social becomes anti-social by design. Without purpose and collaboration, social will always be just another thing that businesses use to defer the inevitable…change. Even though…

Culture Shock: Culture’s Impact on Social Marketing and Business

Guest post by Ekaterina Walter, a social media strategist at Intel. She was recently elected to serve on the Board of Directors of Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA). Follow her on Twitter Culture is one of the largest components of how we communicate: not just how we say something but how we choose the tools we use to get a message across. This is as true for social media as it was for the telegraph. For example, if you…

2012 Social Marketing & New Media Predictions

Awareness Networks released insights and prognosis from 34 business and marketing leaders as part of its 2012 Social Marketing and New Media Predictions report. It’s written for marketing strategists, brand marketers and consults and those working in agencies. I think you’ll find it interesting to say the least and perhaps even prescriptive. Here are a few of my thoughts… On the evolution of social business: Companies of all sizes will need to transform their business and existing infrastructure, and reverse…

The State of Social Marketing 2012

The following report is brought to you by the Pivot Conference taking place in New York on October 15-16, 2012. You can download a full copy of the report for free by clicking here. At the end of 2011, Social marketing stands at a profound crossroads. Some organizations are finally embracing the importance of social networks and, as a result, increasing investments in creative engagement, marketing, and service programs. Others see the future value, but lag behind in execution. At…

New ebook: Customer Service, The Art of Listening and Engagement Through Social Media

Engaging with and empowering your customers as an extension of your marketing efforts isn’t new. However, in the era of Social Media, there are new tools and philosophies to more effectively listen and engage with customers and in turn, cultivate a more significant community, enhance your brand, build relationships, and hopefully create evangelists along the way. Participation is marketing. Intention is everything. Actions speak louder than words. Don’t get me wrong. This isn’t about spam or doing what marketing seems…

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