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Here’s to the past, but now it’s time to learn and unlearn toward the future

Here’s to the past, but now it’s time to learn and unlearn toward the future

How we measure future success is based on yesterday’s understanding of what success meant. It was a different time. The experiences that many deliver today are based on standards of the past and what was acceptable to a preceding generation of customers. People have changed and continue to do so. We simply can’t imagine new possibilities if we can’t see, feel, hear, sense, people as they advance. Otherwise, our ideas, no matter how creative, brilliant, bold, will always be rooted…

5 important questions answered about the importance of social business strategy

Altimeter Group founder Charlene Li and I recently published a report that documented the 6 Stages of Social Business Transformation.  In the process, we discovered the most common mistakes and successes businesses experienced along their journey.   What was most surprising however, not really, was the cavernous disconnect between social media strategy and overall business objectives. – Only 34% of businesses feel that their social strategy is connected to business outcomes. – Just 28% of companies we studied feel that they…

Women Who (Do) Tech: Moving Forward, Seizing the Future

by Cathy Brooks (@CathyBrooks, This is not another post about the “issue” of why there are fewer women in business and technology. This is a post about doing something about it. You would think based on coverage, like this article last April in the New York Times and this more recent post in the Wall Street Journal that women had made little to no progress in Silicon Valley. Hogwash. To be fair, if we’re talking raw numbers women are…

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