Going Sideways Over Pinot Days in SF This Weekend

Are you ready for mad crowds, broken glasses, drunken humor, long-long lines at the Porta Pottie, and of course, hundreds of wineries pouring their best Pinot Noir, all live in SF on Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY! Coming at cha…

Sunday’s Grand Tasting will showcase 150 producers of pinot noir from 1 – 4 p.m. at Fort Mason. This is the Bay Area’s largest single gathering of pinot producers ever. Yes it’s true, in a moment of temporary insanity, we will all have the opportunity to sample god knows how many pinots from every important and up-and-coming region in California, Oregon, Chile and Burgundy. As if that wasn’t enough, wine enthusiasts will also have the opportunity to sample a variety of artisan cheeses & other specialty foods.

Whether day or night, Pinot Noir is the ideal anytime, anywhere wine. Especially since today is the first day of summer and expected to hit 100 degrees in the valley. I’m actually craving a glass right now! Whether it’s picnics, BBQs, fish, pastas, or just by itself, depending on the Pinot Noir, this varietal can scale from fruity to meaty. Although there are meatier Pinots, which are usually blended with Meunier, Syrah, etc. Chandon in fact, makes a 100% Pinot Meunier, which is rich with flavors of cedar and bacon. Try finding that one!

I am a big fan of Carneros fruit, Domain Carneros, Domaine Chandon, Bouchaine, Sainstbury, Artesa, etc. Lately though, I’ve been venturing out on my own Pinot Days, trying pinots from different regions including Santa Barbara and the Sonoma Coast. My absolute favorite at the moment is Flowers Grand Boquet and, although it’s a blend, their Perennial is delicious.

But, back to Pinot Days. If you’ve had enought to “taste,” they will feature a pinot production demonstration so attendees can learn about the making of pinot from the vine to bottling and every step in between. They will also host an auction with hundreds of pinots, with proceeds going to Project Mexico, a non-profit organization that builds homes in Mexico for the poor and needy.

After this weekend, I’m sure it will be a while before I pick up a bottle Pinot again…so I better make this weekend count.


Event details:
2006 Pinot Days Grand Tasting
Festival Pavilion Fort Mason
San Francisco
Sunday June25th 2006

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