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Niall Cook, Founder and Chairman of Cogenz Ltd, commented on the last reference to Enterprise 2.0 companies to let me know about what he’s working on over at Cogenz.

Cogenz is a social bookmarking service for the enterprise, designed to help companies harness the collective intelligence of their employees. It’s similar to ConnectBeam, although they are focused on providing a much more simple user experience for those who want to start using it inside their businesses.

According to Niall, “One of Cogenz’s advantages is its support for flexible email subscriptions. If you can subscribe to a page via RSS, you can subscribe to it via email as well. Users can configure each email subscription to be instantaneous (on update), daily, or weekly. From the user’s perspective, adding and managing subscriptions is simple and straight-forward.”

Another benefit from using an enterprise bookmarking tool such as Cogenz (as opposed to del.icio.us or other publicly available tools) is the ability to locate expertise within an organization. In large organizations in particular, finding someone who knows about a specific topic can be extremely difficult. Subscribing companies get their own “silo” that only its users can access.

According to Anu Gupta’s BETA review, “Cogenz allows companies to have a private version of del.icio.us and not worry about installing and maintaining scuttle or similar.”

I’ve signed up for a BETA account and will report back once I’ve had an opportunity to get my hands dirty.

For more information please visit, http://blog.cogenz.com .

If you have a new site, service or product you’d like for me to consider, please email me at PR2point0@gmail.com

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