Live from DEMOfall 2006 9/24

It’s 9/24, and DEMO is about to launch. In fact, I’m already in San Diego and we just finished-up our rehearsal.


In case you have never been to a DEMO event, they’re technically “THE” launchpad for many, many leading companies, includuing Palm, HandSpring, and eTrade. Presenters have only six minutes to present their company and new product/service in front of the industry’s most prominent players.

DEMOfall06 Infamous Six Minutes

I will post updates and photos from the show here , so check back daily.


DEMOfall 2006 Demonstrator Companies:

3jam, Inc., , Menlo Park, CA
4INFO, Inc., , Palo Alto, CA
daptiveblue, LLC., , Livingston, NJ
Add Me, LLC., , Princeton, NJ
Be Here Corp., , Fremont, CA
BriteSoft Corp., , Reston, VA
BuzzLogic, Inc., , San Francisco, CA
Cascada Mobile Corp., , Toronto, ON, Canada
Cozi, , Seattle, WA
Cuts, Inc., , W. Conshohocken, PA
Dash Navigation, Inc., , Mountain View, CA
Data Security Systems Solutions, Inc., , New York, NY
Eluma, , Tewksbury, MA
eSnips, Ltd., , Ein Sarid, Israel
Eyespot Corp., , Solana Beach, CA
Flurry, Inc., , San Francisco, CA
Fonpods, Inc., , Hermosa Beach, CA, Inc., , San Mateo, CA
GrandCentral, , Fremont, CA
HEADPLAY, Inc., , Santa Monica, CA
HeyLetsGo, Inc., , Boston, MA
iBloks, Inc., , San Francisco, CA
i-Lighter, Inc., , Ft Lauderdale, FL
Imaginestics, LLC., , West Lafayette, IN
JAJAH, Inc., , Mountain View, CA
Koral, Inc., , San Mateo, CA
Lirix, Inc., , Evanston, IL
MindTouch, Inc., , San Diego, CA
MobileSphere, Ltd., , Boston, MA
Moixa Energy Holdings, Ltd., , London, U.K.
Mvox Technologies, Inc., , Cupertino, CA
MyPW, LLC., , Mercer Island, WA
NanoLearning, Inc., , Austin, TX
NComputing, Inc., , Orange, CA
Open Business Club GmbH, , Hamburg, Germany
PhotoCrank, Inc., , Wayne, PA
Pinger, Inc., , San Jose, CA
PixSense, Inc., , Santa Clara, CA
Pluggd, Inc., , Seattle, WA
PostPath, Inc., , Mountain View, CA
PrefPass, Inc., , San Francisco, CA
Presto, , Mountain View, CA
Realeyes3D S.A., , Saint Cloud Cedex, France
Retrevo, Inc., , Sunnyvale, CA
RingCube, Inc., , Mountain View, CA
scanR, , Palo Alto, CA
Scrapblog, Inc., , Coral Gables, FL
Serebrum Corp., , Iselin, NJ
Simple Star, Inc., , San Francisco, CA
SiteKreator, , Santa Clara, CA
Solid State Networks, Inc., , Tempe, AZ
SportStat, LLC., , Orion , MI
System One, , Innsbruck, Austria
Tao Group, Ltd., , Earley, Reading, Berkshire, U.K.
Teneros, , Mountain View, CA
ThinkFree, Inc., , San Jose, CA
Trend Micro, Inc., , Cupertino, CA
Tribeca Labs, Inc., , New York, NY
Trigence, , Ottawa, ON, Canada
uControl, Inc., , Austin, TX
Violet, , Paris, France
Void Communications, LLC, , New York, NY
W5 Networks, Inc., , Fremont, CA
Wallop, Inc., , San Francisco, CA
Widgetbox, , San Francisco, CA
Yoriwa, Inc., , San Jose, CA
ZING Systems, Inc. & Sirius Satellite Radio, Inc., , Mountain View, CA

About the DEMO Conferences

Produced by Network World Events and Executive Forums, the semi-annual DEMO conferences focus on emerging technologies and new products, which are hand-selected from across the spectrum of the technology marketplace. With Chris Shipley at the helm, the DEMO conferences have earned their reputation for consistently identifying tomorrow’s cutting-edge technologies.

For more pictures, jump over to flickr.

For live video casts, visit Vic Podcaster’s HotfromSiliconValley.

Also Greg Narain is down here blogging live from row 2!




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