Office 2.0 Kicks off in San Francisco


The Office 2.0 reception kicked off last night at SF MOMA. It was actually a grand affair, at least by Web 2.0’s more humbled event precedents.

It truly drew an all-star crowd and the dialogue in there was pretty enlightening.

10/10/06 Office 2.0 Reception at MOMA
Ismael Ghalimi

10/10/06 Office 2.0 Reception at MOMA

10/10/06 Office 2.0 Reception at MOMA
Chris Heuer and Tara Anderson

10/10/06 Office 2.0 Reception at MOMA
Steve Gilmor

Aside from discussing business models, technology, the state of Web 2.0, and the future of Office 2.0, it was also room-filled with familiar faces and friendly conversation among thought-leaders catching-up in-between product development cycles, company launches and events.

Some of the more notable conversations included:

Ismael Ghalimi, Intalio, Office 2.0, and ITRedux
Jeffrey McManus,
Christopher Peri, Vyew
Daniela Barbosa, Factiva
Marc Orchant, Foldera
Chris Heuer, SocialMediaClub and BrainJams
John Furrier, PodTech
Stowe Boyd Message
Ivaylo Lenkov, SiteKreator
Sunny Madra, Posticky
Tom Foremski, Silicon Valley Watcher
Mike McDerment, Freshbooks
Mike Masnick, TechDirt
Joel Sacks and James Yu of BuzzShout
Jeremy Pepper
Nicole Simon, Bloxpert and Crueltobekind blog
Chris Dury, Scanr
Dan Farber, CNET
Bruno Haid, System One
Khalid Shaikh,
Oliver Starr, Foldera
Sridhar Vembu, ZOHO
David Young, Joyent
Tara Anderson, ValleySchwag
Jeff Nolan, Teqlo, Inc.
Florian Brody,

10/10/06 Office 2.0 Reception at MOMA
John Furrier and Jeff Nolan

10/10/06 Office 2.0 Reception at MOMA
Daniela Barbosa and Sunny Madra

10/10/06 Office 2.0 Reception at MOMA
Khalid Shaikh and Tom Foremski

10/10/06 Office 2.0 Reception at MOMA

Jeff Nolan actually announced at the reception that he had officially joined Teqlo. Read more about it here. The tagline for Teqlo is, “Assemble, Publish, Invite.
You can now make the internet work for you…”

10/10/06 Office 2.0 Reception at MOMA
Jeff Nolan

Zoho announced its Virtual Office, which was covered over at TechCrunch.

All in all, the event lasted well into the evening and we were basically the last to leave – not by choice 😉

A handful of us stumbled over to the W for drinks and continued conversation.

In summary, there was obvious excitement around the Office 2.0 movement….even more interesting though, was that almost everyone offered a different definition of Office 2.0 in each of my discussions. I found them all relevant and accurate, but in a later post, I’ll offer my two-cents to the Office 2.0 messaging landscape

For more pictures from the event, jump over to the flickr stream.

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