Blog This, October 12, 2007

10 Truths of Marketing in a Web2.0 World

Rohit Bhargava shares his wisdom for marketing in the Wild West

Is “Conversation” Overused?

Valeria Maltoni explores conversational marketing and whether conversations are misunderstood, overused, or under utilized. In my opinion, the term “conversation,” just like “Social Media” are misunderstood and much purported with little or no substance to back it up. It’s the difference between marketing and experience.

Down with the Press Release!!

Good friend Geoff Livingston takes a look at the Social Media release and how in represents a brighter future for press releases in general

Wily E Coyote: Traditional PR is Running on Thin Air

So I see Tom Foremski yesterday at Graphing Social and we start talking about how PR won’t change until it “has” to – much in the same way media is transforming. The result is this incredible post with mine soon to follow.

Social Media / Internet Communication Trends: The Conversation

Jeff Pulver examines Social Media and the importance of conversations

Social Media as Conversation

Howard Greenstein continues Jeff Pulver’s discussion on conversations vs. content

Maggie Fox and Ford’s Social Media Release

Good job Maggie. This opens up the discussion to clarifying the difference between Social Media and Multimedia (New Media) releases

The Future of PR Means Dumping The Inferiority Complex

Rohit Bhargava captures the highlights from the TurnPRon conference in SF (where I also presented) and discusses the future of PR

PR Must Face the Scary Truth: Media Relations May Be a Ghost in a Web 2.0 World

A very narrow and absurd view of PR in the world of Web 2.0. I don’t even know where to start. First, there is no “audience” in Web 2.0. Second, good Media Relations doesn’t exist across the industry period. If anything, Web 2.0 forces relationships

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  • Valeria Maltoni

    Hi Brian, nice to meet you virtually. And thank you for the link. I just rad Now is Gone and must send lots of compliments your way for the introduction. Well written and well said.

  • Amanda Mooney

    Wow, you’ve served up some really rich content here Brian. Thank you for posting them. I’ve got some serious reading to do now:)


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