The Top 100 Twitter Publishing Tools and Services


As I was writing the report on Facebook and Twitter traffic growth, I had noticed that the engagement time at had dropped by 31 percent year-over-year.

September 2009: 18:07

September 2008: 26:12

Engagement Difference = -31%

I suspected that the shift in numbers stemed from the migration of those who previously interacted on and now engage via third-party clients such as TweetDeck, Seesmic, CoTweet, HootSuite, et al. As such, I thought it would be productive to review the numbers to get a closer look at what’s truly transpiring at the engagement level.

I asked my good friend Dan Zarrella, author of The Social Media Marketing Book, if he could help me run the numbers to see exactly what the world of usage looks like at compared to the mobile and desktop clients that are becoming increasingly pervasive.

Using the HubSpot platform, he measured the publishing source of over 500,000 tweets in September 2009.

As such, I’ve complied the results into a list that ranks the top Twitter clients as well as Twitter applications that publish from one service to Twitter as part of a syndication model.

The Top 100 Twitter Publishing Tools and Services

Twitter Client Market Share

  1. Web,40.945%
  2. API,11.6418% (custom applications, scripts or bots)
  3. TweetDeck,6.635%
  4. UberTwitter,4.288%
  5. twitterfeed,3.9538%
  6. txt,3.9254%
  7. mobile web,3.567%
  8. TwitterFon,2.4622%
  9. Tweetie,2.1434%
  10. TwitterFox,1.3588%
  11. Echofon,1.3356%
  12. Twitterrific,1.2322%
  13. twidroid,0.886%
  14. twhirl,0.8756%
  15. movatwitter,0.8398%
  16. TwitterBerry,0.835%
  17. TwitPic,0.7806%
  18. Seesmic,0.5524%
  19. Tween,0.5414%
  20. HootSuite,0.5258%
  21. Power Twitter,0.3556%
  22. Twit,0.3358%
  23. gmedtwitpost,0.3188%
  24. Snaptu,0.3018%
  25. Twittelator,0.3%
  26. POLLpigeon,0.2868%
  27. FriendFeed,0.275%
  28. P3:PeraPeraPrv,0.229%
  29. DestroyTwitter,0.2188%
  30. Perl Net::Twitter,0.2154%
  32. LOL quiz,0.1792%
  33. TwitterGadget,0.1758%
  34. Facebook,0.1722%
  35. Twitter Tools,0.1558%
  36. Tumblr,0.144%
  37. RSS2Twitter,0.1412%
  38. Sidekick,0.1386%
  39. twitRobot,0.1338%
  40. Google,0.1326%
  41. dabr,0.1304%
  42. CoTweet,0.129%
  44. Fun140,0.1274%
  45. Gravity,0.1264%
  46. SocialScope,0.1116%
  47. Tweed,0.1074%
  48. YoruFukurou,0.1064%
  49. Mobile Tweete,0.106%
  50. BlogTalkRadio,0.106%
  51. WP to Twitter,0.1058%
  53. iTweet,0.0914%
  54. PockeTwit,0.091%
  55. Tweetbots,0.0902%
  56. PhotoShare,0.0862%
  57. TwitterRide,0.0854%
  58. NatsuLiphone,0.0794%
  59. Mobster World,0.0784%
  60. SimplyTweet,0.0672%
  61. TinyTwitter,0.0664%
  62. Digsby,0.0642%
  63. Twitter4J,0.0614%
  65. Ustream,0.0606%
  66. Tweets60,0.0584%
  67. Movatter,0.0572%
  68. MySpace,0.0568%
  69. twibble,0.0562%
  70. TwitZap,0.0526%
  71. Twitter4R,0.0518%
  72. Twaitter,0.0484%
  73. Twitterizer,0.048%
  74. Nambu,0.0464%
  75. TwitterBar,0.0426%
  76. Twikini,0.0412%
  77. Epic Pet Wars,0.0386%
  78. Twitme for WordPress,0.0368%
  79. Photomemo,0.0356%
  80. Mixero,0.0356%
  81. yoono,0.0332%
  82. Netvibes,0.0328%
  83. TwitBin,0.0326%
  84. Flock,0.0316%
  85. Twidget,0.0312%
  86. Spaz,0.031%
  87. WordTwit,0.0308%
  88. Twitterena,0.0304%
  89. Post to Twitter,0.0298%
  90. 140 Mafia,0.0298%
  91. TweetSG,0.0292%
  92. Fantasy Sports,0.0292%
  93. Gwibber,0.0276%
  94. TwiXtreme,0.0276%
  95. Posterous,0.0274%
  97. TwitKit,0.0264%
  98. Twitter Opera widget,0.0264%
  99. Tweet-U-Later,0.0264%
  100. Twibbon,0.026%
  101. Splitweet,0.026%
  102. schuelerVZ,0.026%
  104. TwitterMail,0.0256%
  105. twittai,0.0252%
  106. Identica,0.0236%
  107. Adium,0.0228%
  108. Brightkite,0.0224%
  109. モバツイッター,0.0224%
  110. Stickam,0.0218%
  111. HTC Peep,0.0218%
  112. BeTwittered,0.021%
  113. TweetLeads,0.021%
  114. Adjix,0.0208%
  115. Twitstat Mobile,0.02%
  116. TwitterIrcGateway,0.0198%
  117. Viigo,0.0188%
  118. EventBox,0.0186%
  119. TweetGenius,0.0184%
  120. twitthat,0.0184%
  121. blu,0.017%
  122. TwInbox,0.0168%
  123. Matt,0.0166%
  124. TweetPhoto,0.0166%
  125. buzztap,0.0166%
  126. TweetGrid,0.016%
  127. Bird Feeder,0.0158%
  128. JTwitter,0.0158%
  129. LiveTweeter,0.0156%
  130. TwitThis,0.0152%
  131. TypePad,0.0152%
  132. Spymaster,0.0152%
  133. Flickr,0.0152%

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  • Luis Claudio Allan

    Tremendous job Brian! Congrats! Luis Claudio Allan (, from Brazil.

  • Name

    September 2008 – 18:07

    September 2009 – 26:12

    I'm probably reading this wrong, but 18:07 to 26:02 from 08 to 09 is an increase, right?

  • Lisa Devaney, Hai Media Group

    A lot of start-ups might freak out to know traffic was going away, even with the success third parties are seeing, but Twitter is so darn groovy and cool that I know they love seeing this service ecosystem growing. Great insight to what is happening with the tweet “revolution”.

  • Allen Mireles

    Hi Brian,

    Cool data. Thanks. I was surprised that Hootsuite wasn't higher on the list.



    • briansolis

      Very interesting indeed Allen…

    • Jason Gantenberg

      As was I. I certainly couldn't believe that more people are using tWhirl.

  • BambiGordon

    Look at the framentation across all the Brands. Wow. Interesting marketing & funding models must follow where there are 100s of players sitting at 0.02% of the available market, even if you take out approximately half where the third parties are is coming off the back of a site or app with another purpose (such as a facebook or google) vs stand alone apps.

  • Daniel McKean

    This should be a continuing natural migration and trend. Twittering is not slowing but is growing each day. As new client apps are developed and as others gain traction, it only makes sense that people will migrate to preferred tools of choice skewing numbers depending on source and methodology.

  • youareonvisual

    Always curious to know about who's using what for twitter. This extensive data is damn useful

  • Gail Helmer

    I was surprised about Hootsuite as well. Great information as always Brian. Although, I had seen data recently that put Twitter at 20-30%.

    • briansolis

      Thanks Gail. This is in line with other numbers I'm seeing too… :)

  • Michael Steuer

    TwitterFon & EchoFon are the same application… TwitterFon changed its name to EchoFon recently

  • Aaron Lewis

    Thanks for crunching the numbers on this Brian! Like others have said, there were some interesting surprises in there. What effect do you think the -31% (especially if it should continue) might have on Twitter's monetization strategy?

    Also, very nice work on the Conversation Prism! Picked one up for the office!!

  • dowelltaggart

    The nice thing about Twitter is how many apps you can use. I ran down your list and I use 9 of the apps on a regular basis.

  • Suzy

    Twaitter is the best application on twitter i've seen so far. Surprised they're not higher in the list

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  • lanars

    No brizzly here ?

  • Laf

    Thanks brian, This is a very informative article. Provides a birds eye view of twitter landscape.

  • Vanessa Procter

    Great info! Its interesting to see the changes that are happening!

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  • jb1t

    Interesting overview. It would be more useful to know how many of the users “multinet” i.e. how many use 2 or more applications for differing reasons…
    They may have a common function with some subtle differences, but, they are as carrots and figs.
    Whatever socio-economic constraints there may be, social networking sites are tools that can be used equally purposefully or casually. A monkey-wrench does not do the same job as a box of spanners.

  • Tippen Toppy

    Great breakdown of apps! You may want to take a look at TipTop, a semantic Twitter-based search engine, now available in a beta version. TipTop widgets for real-time polling, top tweets and peeps, and concept clouds related to a search term are available You can even get TipTop opinion or sentiment summaries around any topic, product or issue via SMS text messaging Please give it a try.

  • mytweetmark

    what about Cheers.

  • mytweetmark

    what about Cheers.

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