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NBC’s Press:Here Talks About HBO vs. The Real Culture of Silicon Valley

HBO’s Silicon Valley debuted recently and the real Silicon Valley is all abuzz with a broad spectrum of reviews. Brian Solis joined NBC’s Scott McGrew on Press:Here along with Time’s Harry McCracken and USATODAY’s Sarah Buhr to talk about the culture of Silicon Valley and why the show is actually…spot on (maybe too spot on.)

“I got seven words for you,” gushes one young CEO of a start-up called Goolibit at a lavish party in the show’s first scene. “I love Goolibit integrated multi-platform functionality! Woo hoo!”

Keep in mind that this speech comes at a moment where Kid Rock is playing a live show at this party for about 20 or so people. When he finishes his set, no one applauds or even notices for that matter. They’re too busy networking and eating “liquid shrimp.”

The passionate and overly excited CEO isn’t done with speech though. He’s changing the world of course! “We’re making the world a better place through constructing elegant hierarchies for maximum code reusability and accessibility,” he yells. Indeed.

On Press:Here, the cast have fun talking about, well, how we talk in Silicon Valley. Additoinally, Scott invited Brian on the show to talk about his new book, What’s the Future of Business (WTF): Changing the way businesses create experiences.

You can watch the show here or below…

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