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Intel Introduces New Core 2 Duo Processors

Today I had the opportunity to attend Intel’s launch for its new Core 2 Duo processors. It had the “humbled,” yet significant importance, in my opinion, as the launch of the orginal Pentium chip, while still tapping into the power of next gen media.

It was fun, exciting, beautifully decorated, and more importantly, PACKED with everyone that matters in tech influence.

The event celebrated the launch of the company’s new processor that runs faster, but uses a lot less power.

This is Intel’s most important product line in six years, unveiling 10 microprocessors that are expected to help the world’s largest chip maker retake ground lost to Advanced Micro Devices Inc. aka AMD. And for those crunching numbers, Intel has reportedly lost 5 market share points this year alone.

The Core 2 Duo microprocessors are Intel’s first desktop and mobile chips to feature a blueprint designed to deliver significantly better performance while requiring less power and kicking off less heat. Think big business….think gaming and LAN parties…think next-stage web applications.

“Today’s a historic day for Intel, we’re introducing ten new processors for laptops, desktops and these powerful gaming systems,” said Intel’s Bill Kircos.

Kircos added that the redesigned processor packs more computing power onto one chip, but also saves 30-to-40 percent on electricity per PC.

“Now, that’s a small amount for one person, but when you’re shipping 200 million PC’s a year, over time it’s a pretty big impact over electricity bills and some of the requirements PC’s need to run,” he said.

The tent was adorned with draping banners that read, “adrenaline inside” and “monster inside.” It was definitely fun as one could associate those slogans with many amusing comparisons OK, just kidding….but seriously, this is a monster of a chip.

For those looking for a boost in processing power, Dell claims that it has already seen a 40% increase in workgroup computing processing and as much as a 60% jump in business applications.

Either way, faster = better and less energy spent = an extra beer at the end of the month.

But in all seriousness…business users will enjoy greater speeds, benefits, and raw computing power than the expensive, top tier dual processor servers running many networks only a few years ago – all for a fraction of the price.

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