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Video: Is Social Media Burnout Imminent?

In part four of a series of conversations discussing the state and future of social media with Chris Beck, founder of 26dottwo (@26dottwo), we review the prospect of social media burnout or social network fatigue (SNF). We also explore the evolution of privacy and the willful exchange of what used to be private or sensitive information and content for the semblance of value and rewards. Those rewards could be as simple as reactions, responses

I discuss these issues a great depths here, “Who is the ME in Social Media?”

This series was filmed at the new video studio at KickLabs SF where I spend time as an entrepreneur in residence.

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  1. LaurenNick says:

    do you think social media marketing will always be? or will we return to more traditional forms of marketing? specifically, do you think burnout will lead to backlash and eventually extinction?

  2. NNBA21 says:

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