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Video: The New Influencers, Does Old School Media Get It?

In part seven of a series of conversations exploring the state and future of social media, Chris Beck, founder of 26dottwo (@26dottwo) and I review the rise of the new influencers (you and me) and how traditional media can adapt to the democratization of content creation and curation.

As new media creates a bottom up (r)evolution, the top-down methodologies of publishing are forced to adapt. Consumers are now in full control of defining their own experiences, with whom they connect, and what they view and share. As such, attention is narrowing, which gives rise to the attention dashboard. The idea of destinations as hubs is rapidly eroding. The goal of any media property now is to connect with attention where attention is focused. Publishers must hook people in the stream and facilitate sharing within the stream.

This is why media should explore cultural immersion. I once said, “Perhaps the reinvention of the publishing model starts with journalists, where people become the ambassadors for content and the flagship brand they represent.”

It’s the 5th “P” and it represents the ability to not attract “eyeballs,” but instead connect with audiences with audiences.

This series was filmed at the new video studio at KickLabs SF where I spend time as an entrepreneur in residence.

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