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Video: The Social Network of the Future

In part ten of a series of conversations exploring the state of social media, Chris Beck, founder of 26dottwo (@26dottwo) and I speculate on the future of social networks.

Social networking as it exists today is not scalable nor is it representative of how social beings connect and engage. We are complex individuals we are defined by what we share, consume, and to whom we connect. Our social graphs are woven with the fabrics of our interests, passions, and relations. One update does not resonate across the social graph. Networks will evolve to match content to context and allow us to seamlessly connect relevant information and people based on frames of reference and subjects.

This series was filmed at the new video studio at KickLabs SF where I spend time as an entrepreneur in residence.

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  1. Kyle Lacy says:

    I think because we are so complex and as you wrote “one update does not resonate across the social graph” this is why its so important to find your niche and cater to them. In order to resonate with someone they must relate to you.

  2. Renee Malove says:

    Do you really feel that social media is violating privacy? I agree that we're inclined to be less conservative with our personal details, and people are rapidly learning that they need to moderate their opinions online, but is this really any different than chatting at the water cooler?

  3. Sanni says:

    Privacy online is very interesting. Only now we begin to see it as a whole, like we've seen personalities in real life, and social media is kind of linking our different sides of personality as one. We who have been here for many many years, have to take what it brings. In good and in bad. I recently decided not even try to smooth my 'brand' as it's impossible, and actually I feel very free to be what I am. No regrets, no secrets, take it or leave it. But I try to be very careful what to publish about other people, as that is also a huge problem here. Trying to keep in mind how to respect others' privacy, as it anyway should always be oneself who decides about it. Then the responsibility belongs to the one who also carries the consequences.

    Thank you for excellent blogs.


  4. AJ says:

    You made a good point on privacy and how companies and schools look at social networks before they inlist or hire a person and as you said: “people get fired of what they share online”. But these are things of what a person does in his own time.. One becomes pretty biased because of checking someones Facebook page or what they Tweet. That means one cannot post everything they would like to… self censorship..Point : we like to share with friends… but companies or schools should not judge on what future personel/ students do in their free time, maybe they miss out on grade A students or future member of the board… Were do we draw a line or do you think we “willingly” give up on our privacy?

    • briansolis says:

      I suppose there's a balance on both sides that we need to discover and embrace. I wonder however, if at some point, we will create separate “public” profiles that are curated to offer a “social” resume of sorts until the world finds an equilibrium.

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