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Connecting the Dots: Socializing Touchpoints

We are now down to the second-to-last video where Chris Beck, founder of 26dottwo (@26dottwo) and I examine the state and future of social media.

In this segment, we outline the importance of connecting offline and online experiences. Brands must now introduce a connected series of touchpoints between traditional and new media programs to define paths and bring desired outcomes to life. However, to connect the brand strategy to the individual requires a personal approach that starts with the “First Mile” and connects in the “Last Mile.”

Social networking is deeply personal as individuals define and personalize their experiences. What they see, share, say and with whom they connect is different for everyone. As such, in order for new media to enliven connections and spark actions, they must speak to and resonate with people emotionally and contextually.

To connect with individuals, we must add behaviorgraphics to our the mix of strategies that examine demographics and psychographics.

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This series was filmed at the new video studio at KickLabs SF where I spend time as an entrepreneur in residence.

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