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Instagram Adds Video, CNET and Solis Talk About Why

Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom shows off his application’s newest feature: video.
(Credit: James Martin/CNET)

Instagram has video — 15-second, filtered, camera-stabilized miniature movies, to be exact. But more importantly, with the release, video will finally get its moment in the spotlight. Jennifer Van Grove and Brian Solis are back together once again to examine how this is good for social video, Instagram and Facebook overall.

Following is an excerpt

“Instagram mastered the art of capturing something important and making it look as important as it does in the real world,” Brian Solis, Altimeter group principal analyst, told CNET.

Three years later, video is ripe for a similar renaissance.

“We’re finally seeing the dawn of … mobile video finding a way to help people better communicate,” Solis said of Instagram video. “One of the challenges that mobile video has had over the years is that while it’s easy to capture and share moments across social platforms, for the most part, those videos were incredibly painful to endure.”

Instagram corrects for those issues with instant video fixer-uppers: filters and camera stabilization, the latter of which Solis believes is especially key. People won’t have to take Dramamine to watch a mobile video, he said.

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