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Smart Focus Publishes Video and Webinar Series with Brian Solis

While in London, Brian visited the Smart Focus headquarters to discuss the state and future of omnichannel, digital marketing and the future of customer behavior. The discussions were captured as a special series, which includes a webinar, video interviews and an ebook. Links are included below.

Webinar: What’s the Future of Marketing?

Acclaimed author, blogger and analyst Brian Solis discusses the future of marketing, the role of technology in the decision‐making process and how to create multi‐channel experiences that really mean something to your audience.

Watch it now.

Video Interview Part 1: Are Digital Marketers Letting Tactical Execution Overshadow Strategic Direction?

In the first part of this exclusive interview series, Brian Solis discusses whether he believes digital marketers are letting tactical execution overshadow their strategic direction.

Interview Part 2: ‘Personalization’ has a Part to Play in Great Customer Experience

In the second part, Solis explains how, done properly, personalization can result in increased conversions, better relationships and amazing loyalty.

Interview Part 3: Is Email Marketing Dead?

In the third part, he looks at the future of email marketing in response to ‘Is email marketing dead?’ The clip sees Brian talk about how email marketing is more important than ever; ‘the bridge between a company, its message, its value proposition, and the needs and preferences of a customer’.

Interview Part 4: How Privacy Concerns Impact on Digital Marketing

In the fourth part, Brian looks at how privacy concerns impact digital marketing. Brian talk about how data privacy is a responsibility for marketers but a responsibility that can be aided by customers if it’s in their best interests. He describes data as being key to personalization, aided by a ‘human algorithm’, defined as ‘the marriage between data and making it matter to people’.

eBook: Creating Truly Personal Omni-Channel Customer Experiences

This ebook explains how to build those journeys and develop an omni-channel marketing strategy that appeals to each and every customer and prospect in the way that works for them. The eBook also includes exclusive video insights from Brian Solis.

Download it.

Visit Flickr to see behind-the-scenes pictures from this dynamic session.

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