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AutoServiceWorld: 99% of consumers cite CX as a deciding factor

Brian Solis keynoted AudaVision Toronto 2015 and AutoServiceWorld published a recap with some of his thoughts.


Brian Solis, principal and “digital anthropologist” at the technology research firm Altimeter Group, admits that the rapid change of the past 15 years or so has left many businesses in reaction rather than proaction mode. This will sort itself out soon enough – by 2020, over 50% of our workers will be WIFI-friendly millennials. Once society as a whole is more in sync with high-tech advances, we will be better positioned to plan for success.

Key to this, said Solis, is what he called “the customer experience.” Broader than customer service, this encompasses the entire lifecycle of every point of contact between a business and an individual consumer. With 99% of consumers citing customer experience as a deciding factor in whether or not they stick to a brand, and seeing that only 7% of companies Solis surveyed were identified as “customer-centric,” there’s plenty of room for technology to fill the breach.

Full article here.

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