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San Diego Union Tribune: Instagram puts trends in focus

Via Jennifer Van Grove

Instagram Tuesday updated its social network with a more robust search experience that now parades in front of its more than 300 million users a constantly updating lineup of the most-talked about photos, videos and places on the service. Van Grove interviewed Brian Solis for his thoughts…

“It’s a huge deal,” said Brian Solis, a principal analyst at Altimeter Group, which researches trends in social media. “Instagram just became the Twitter of visuals … a visual human seismograph.”

Instagram was about viewing photos from friends, Solis said, but now it’s about the “real world too.” And, with the update, “people become visual curators of life’s experiences,” he said.

“Instagram just escalated Twitter’s need to pursue Lightning,” Solis said. “Twitter doesn’t have its own Kevin Systrom or Evan Spiegel,” he said, referring to the respective creative and executive forces at Instagram and Snapchat. “They’re going to need that.”

Full article here.

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