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by: Boost the News (Excerpt)

Create an experience – Brian Solis (@briansolis)

It’s not easy to make potential clients identify with your brand and talk about it. When you think about it, why should they? Why should anyone care? You can’t come to the world and expect everyone to start talking about your brand like it’s the greatest thing since bread came sliced. You have to do something in order to be spoken of. You have to create an experience that is talkable and shareable. This is the bottom line of this important tip from a new book by Brian Solis: “without experience architecture, your brand is leaving an incredible opportunity for meaningful engagement open to interpretation. In a connected society, impressions become expressions that influence the impressions of others. Experiences, especially intentional experiences, are more important than ever as they become a competitive advantage the more they are experienced and shared.” Give your customers a good reason to talk about you.

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