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Brian Solis Interviewed By Customer Engagement Platform JRNI

In an article called “Spotlight on CX: Brian Solis, Altimeter Group,” Solis is interviewed by Shayna Wilczynski as part of a series of interviews about understanding the customer experience and where it is headed in the near future. JRNI is an enterprise customer engagement platform that offers appointment scheduling, queuing and event booking capabilities.

Solis was asked such questions as, “What do you think have been the most significant advances in CX in previous years?” “How do you design the ideal experience? Is it possible to over-engineer this?” and “How do you connect the dots between online and offline experiences?”

Here are several key quotes:

“You look at all these experts wielding their CX wands, trying to inspire companies to change; most of them have never taken a step back and asked themselves: what does experience mean, what do customers actually experience and what do we want them to experience? These are the most important questions to start your conversation.”

“What we’re seeing at the moment is people who are trying to create something that woos you, engages you or entertains you – we are witnessing the age of manufactured engagement. Every experience has to begin with ‘what does the individual prefer and value?’ in order to work – just think about how many emails you have to delete every day; people are trying to reach you without understanding you and that’s a problem.”

“We can’t have the conversation about online, offline and the transcendent experience between the two because we haven’t looked at what our customers value, love, desire and how they behave. Once we do, we can find opportunities to design new, better, unified experiences online and in the real world. This is what I usually call the experience divide. We should start by asking what’s our brand promise and then mapping the customer experience against that promise. If you do this you’ll quickly unravel the experience divides your company has. You’ll find out exactly where you’re failing and why.”

Read the entire article here:

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