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Marshall Kirkpatrick’s Blog: The best part of Brian Solis’ amazing new Digital Change Agent’s Manifesto

by Marshall Kirkpatrick’s Blog  (excerpt)

Blogger Marshall Kirkpatrick applauded Brian Solis’ new report, “The Digital Change Agent’s Manifesto,” writing that it’s “amazing helpful.” He recommends the report highly and calls it “incredibly brave.”

Here’s a peek at what he wrote:

“The report starts out with several pages of depressing reading about how hard it is to be a change agent inside an organization. I almost stopped reading it.

But then I continued, and the final 70% of the report is incredibly brave and totally outside of what I expected. It’s a discussion of the emotional barriers change agents face – not just in others, but also in themselves. Then, it offers great advice on how to manage those emotional barriers in yourself and in others.

All of the advice is remarkably good. […]

The whole report is amazingly helpful, though. You won’t read this kind of insight anywhere else. I highly recommend it.”

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