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REwired: Brian Solis on Reimagining the mortgage lending experience

by Jason Frazier, REwired (excerpt)

In this recent REwired blog post, Jason Frazier calls for the mortgage lending industry to focus on customer experience. Frazier suggests lenders adopt Brian Solis’ concept of Experience Architecture, a holistic approach to customer experience.

From the post:

When we talk about experience, we should be talking about the experience (i.e. the customer journey). We should be designing a complete digital retail mortgage process that is founded on standard CX (Consumer Experience) principles. Right now experience isn’t even on the radar for a majority of the lenders. Yes, more and more are jumping into the digital waters, but that is focused on UX/UI (user experience/user interface). I am talking about a true CX methodology, that Brian Solis refers to as Experience Architecture.

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