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Brian Solis Referenced In A Little Black Book Piece About Nightmarish Digital Trends

Solis’ concept about the way our devices are compromising us is referenced in an insightful piece by Geometry’s Richard Wise (on the Little Black Book website) about nightmarish trends gleaned at SXSW 2019 called “We Have Met the Enemy and He is Us.”

The paragraph about Solis states: “Digital anthropologist Brian Solis reports that an astonishing 41% of Americans have had an accident relating to our use of smartphones: people walking across the road glued to their phones; texting while driving; injured while posing for the perfect selfie. The art of ‘captology’ devised by Silicon Valley is bearing ugly fruits as it lays hold of us. And it’s not just our physical safety that’s at risk. Depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, teenage plastic surgery and suicide – every index of malaise is at an all-time high.”

Read the entire article here:


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