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Brian Solis Discusses The Negative Impact Social Networks Have On Creativity at ProXXIma 2019

In a Portuguese language article by Salvador Strano about Solis’ appearance at ProXXIma 2019, he is quoted as saying “social networks have taken our creativity.” The piece talks about Solis’ journey of discovery that led to writing Lifescale and discusses his conclusion that yes, social networks influence the human brain – and not positively.

Solis is quoted: “What was taken away from us was the ability to be creative the way we were. Living life on a screen makes it very difficult to breathe. The more I researched what was happening to me, the more I realized that it was all done by design.” Solis also mentions Tristan Harris, the founder of the Center for Humane Technology, who has pointed out how social networks use design techniques to keep the user spending more and more time in their apps.

Solis claimed that being able to observe this process was what allowed him to create a healthy digital environment for himself. He said, “There is value in technology. But today I am much more aware of what is happening behind my use.”

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