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Brian Solis’ Lifescale is a Featured Part of a #LinkedInHolidayReads Giveaway

Solis’ book Lifescale is featured prominently in a LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Blog Article by Judy Tian titled “Enter to Win an Awesome New Marketing Book in Our Holiday Giveaway!” For short, it’s #LinkedInHolidayReadsGiveaway.

After detailing how to enter the contest by posting a comment on the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Page, she mentions that they will be giving away five copies of “one of these excellent works from authors you might recognize.”

The first on the list is Lifescale. The description reads: “In a world full of noise, Brian delivers a set of techniques, exercises, and thought experiments to help you cut through the distractions and find your creative focus.”

Read the entire article here:–linkedinholidayreads-marketing-book-giveaway

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