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“The feedback from the audience was through the roof, with a lot of people saying Brian was our best speaker ever. He’s truly a once in a generation mind.”

Brian Solis is consistently ranked as one of the top keynote speakers at events around the world. Brian actively keynotes conferences, summits, and corporate events. He is also available to speak to smaller teams and executives and host workshops. Please contact Brian to schedule an introduction or to talk about how he can add value to your or your client’s event and help it become a winning success.

Why Brian?

Recently named a “Top Futurist Speaker” by ReadWrite and called “one of the greatest digital analysts of our time,” Brian Solis is an engaging and inspiring speaker who makes our digital future approachable and meaningful. Brian features an extensive portfolio of topics that explore:

  • Digital business leadership and transformation
  • Disruptive technologies and trends
  • Corporate culture 2.0 and employee experience
  • Generation-C (connected customers)
  • The future of…
  • Innovation
  • Intrapreneurship
  • Silicon Valley

Brian is not a believer in generic, “one size fits all” presentations. He tailors these important topics at various levels necessary to connect with each audience. As one of the world’s leading analysts, he also studies how the evolution of technology, business, and culture impact specific industries based on the needs of each event. His ability to connect the dots for hosts and attendees provides tangible value and direction. And, his motivational approach leaves audiences feeling empowered. Plus, he’s followed by over 700,000 people on Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook!

His approach to talks are designed to serve 3 purposes:

1. Educational – Help participants understand what’s different about now, the opportunity before them, what they need to do moving forward, and how to be successful in new endeavors.

2. Inspirational/Motivational – Turns audiences into stakeholders by motivating participants to embrace new opportunities and pursue new possibilities.

3. Communal – Bring leadership teams and organizations together around a new or renewed vision, mission, and purpose.

“The information was well received from the entire audience and the style of his presentation was very engaging. I know from talking with my colleagues, back in the office, we all did not want his presentation to end.”


Popular Topics

1) Business (R)evolution and New Leadership

Digital Darwinism: How incumbent companies are making mistakes that are sealing their fates and how to do to survive and thrive in an era of digital Darwinism.

Digital Transformation: The State and future of digital transformation and how it’s changing businesses at the very core.

New Leadership: Rally your change agents and business mavericks to inspire change from within!

2) Customer Experience and Service Innovation

From CX to DCX to X: How integrated and frictionless digital customer experiences will revolutionize the entire customer experience.

Introducing Generation-C: See the world through the eyes of modern customers. Meet Generation C, your connected customer and why Millennials and kids aren’t the only customers changing the world.

Experience Design as the New Brand: An experience divide exists between your brand promise and what people experience and share. Learn how to create experiences that engender fans and builds wildly successful relationships throughout the customer lifecycle.

3) Silicon Valley and Disruptive Innovation

Hey Mr. Futurist, What’s the Future of…?:

What is it about Silicon Valley that drives innovation and disruption? What’s the next big disruption? What’s the future of my industry? How can legacy businesses think and act like startups?!

A Prelude to Innovation: Before every game-changing idea or every incredible story of innovation, there are moments that set the stage for greatness. Brian shares life lessons from being on the front lines of Silicon Valley for 20 years and the common steps that lead to personal transformation and ultimately ideation and innovation.

4) The Future of Work

Cultivating a Culture of Innovation: Now’s the time for Culture 2.0 and a new era of leadership (over management). Learn about the 12 pillars of innovation and how companies are investing in new cultures to nurture innovation internally.

Robots Need Not Apply: How to design the future workforce. Workforces and intellectual capital are aging. New expertise is in demand. AI and RPA (robotic process automation) are taking jobs. Learn how to identify and train/hire for the jobs of the future.

5) Marketing Innovation 

CX and the A.R.T. of Engagement: Customer experience is the sum of all interactions a customer has with your brand throughout their journey and lifecycle. As such, experience is the new marketing and marketing is the new CX. Brian shares how to redesign touchpoint to meaningfully engage people through the modern customer journey.

The P2P (People to People) Manifesto: There is no more B2B or B2C when it comes to engaging customers and stakeholders. It’s now about P2P…people to people. Brian shares the pillars of his “P2P Manifesto,” key insights and case studies help CMOs, CDOs and CX and marketing executives reimagine human-to-human engagement.

6) Lifescale: Self-Innovation and Exponential Growth

The Great Hack (Behind the Screens): Our favorite apps and devices have changed our lives for better and also for the worse. It’s the latter where the story gets interesting. Attention is a currency. The more of it that we give something, the more it can be monetized. But it’s just a matter of time before our attention moves on to something else. Using what’s called Persuasive Design, many of the biggest networks and device manufacturers continue to invest in changing our behaviors to engage us, lock us in and keep us consumer and sharing more and more every day. Brian shares the secrets of what’s happening “behind the screens” to reveal how we were hacked, what it’s doing to us and how to take control.

Defeating Digital Distractions: Social media, notifications, alerts, scrolling, the constant tugging of our devices, we are not only always-on, we are always distracted. Those distractions speed up our lives, thin our presence and stifle our capabilities. Over time, distractions take a deep (and deepening) toll on us, namely loss of creativity, memory, focus, productivity, originality, happiness and more. In this important session, Brian shares how to gain new skills, change our behaviors and live everyday toward a more creative, productive and happy life.

“Brian is so easy to work with. When he speaks, he is approachable, while being so smart and accomplished, We haven’t seen this in years past with speakers.”

“What I loved about Brian’s presentation was the data driven perspective. There were a lot of people with wide eyes. It was totally fearless about the potential radical disruption that is clearly upon us. His book, and calm, yet exciting presentation, gave me both professional insight and continuing inspiration to teach and lead.”

Media Accolades

“A Silicon Valley staple” – KGO Radio

“One of the 21st century business world’s leading thinkers” – ZDNet

“30 Digital Experts to Follow” – Inc.

“25 Best Business Websites” – University of Aberdeen Business School

“Top 10 People to Know in Silicon Valley” – Huffington Post

“Influential Leader of the Year” – CRM Magazine

“Twitter 140: Music Industry Characters to Follow” – Billboard

“25 Twitter Accounts That Will Make You Smarter” – Mashable

Upcoming Engagements

For a list of upcoming and previous speaking engagements, please visit “Appearances.

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