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The Art and Science of Blogger Relations – Updated eBook

I’m happy to announce an updated version of my ebook, “The Art and Science of Blogger Relations” is now available on Docstoc. For all of you Kindle enthusiasts, it is also available in Amazon’s Kindle Store.

The methodologies and tactics required for effective blogger relations will shatter everything you were taught or thought you know about traditional PR. Part “un” common sense, part market expert, part enthusiast, and part customer, together, this guide will help you embody the new techniques and mastery necessary to effectively excel in media, analyst, and blogger relations today and tomorrow – while building long term, meaningful relationships along the way.

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11 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “The Art and Science of Blogger Relations – Updated eBook”

  1. @MattWilsonTV says:

    Really curious as to what this book is going to teach. Thanks for making it free Brian.

  2. Rob le Pair says:

    I was mislead by the word 'free' in your words: “I’m happy to announce an updated version of my free ebook, “The Art and Science of Blogger Relations”

  3. fast cash says:

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