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It’s The End of Business as Usual at B&N on 5th Ave.

I’m in New York getting ready for The Pivot Conference. Shortly before arriving, I was told I needed to visit the Barnes and Noble store on 5th Ave. upon arrival. After several days, I was finally able to make it over and I’m sure glad I did. Wow. The End of Business as Usual is currently gracing the storefront window on 5th Ave.! I proudly took a few moments to sign every copy and while I was there, I talked to management about buying copies of every book for you to just come by and pick up.

There’s no way to do that, so…

To celebrate, I’d like to offer a special token of appreciation to those who can make their way over to B&N. If you pick up one of the books, I will send you a freshly minted silver bookmark created for such an occasion. Just send a Tweet to @briansolis with a pic of the book at B&N and I’ll send it right over. There are only 10 copies left!

Thank you!

I also wanted to send a thank you to Matt Weinberger (@MattWeinberger) Blake Williams (@bwillia2010)  for venturing over to B&N earlier this week to send the first pictures!

The address is 555 5th Ave.

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  1. That’s a really lovely and generous offer Brian. Unfortunately New Zealand is a little too far away to take up the offer. 😀

  2. Rachel Miller says:

    Great idea, London is also a fair trek 🙂 But I wish you every success with The Pivot Conference, look forward to hearing/reading all about it online, Rachel @AllthingsIC

  3. Anonymous says:

    Wish I was there to grab one. Very cool!

  4. Anonymous says:

    How many people get to do that in their lifetime? Congratulations, Brian!

  5. Andrew Maher says:

    Brian, you and Felix Baumgartner should partner up for the next event! @RedbullStratos

  6. Beat Huerlimann says:

    Dear Brian. In Switzerland I usually order my books over amazon or my favourit bookshop, Orell Fuessli, the biggest bookshop in Switzerland – by the way. As I don’t want to open a new acount at a third shop like B&N, I asked Orell Fuessli to pre-order five books from B&N. They are very interested in your book and may be they will order some additional pieces. As you see, I advertise your books here in Switzerland:) Keep on thinking and publishing as you do. You are my source of inspiration No. 1. Beat Huerlimann, Switzerland, Advertiser

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