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Digital Transformation and the Questions I Never Hear

Following my presentation at LeWeb about the nuances between iteration, innovation and disruption (and the impact of each), I was invited to the business pavilion to share my views on digital transformation. The host for the conversation was my dear friend Benjamin Costantini. Before we could get settled, Ben brought a bottle of champagne on stage, two glasses, we toasted and the discussion started…on the right foot, or taste, I should say.

I know he knows my passion for champagne. But perhaps he did so to ease the array of questions aiming to dig deep into digital transformation, why it’s important and also the challenges people face as they pursue it. The first question he fired off was one that I rarely hear, and honestly, I wasn’t prepared for it…but that’s a good thing, “What are your views on digital transformation and what people never ask you.”

From there, the conversation focused on those struggling with bringing about change and what to do, not only then, but in the years ahead.

Oh, and about that bottle, we brought out extra glasses for people in the audience to enjoy along with us. Santé. Cheers. Here’s to you and all you will do in the future!

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    • briansolis says:

      While I agree with you, it’s the same conversation I would have around multi, social, etc., around the word “media” – sometimes a descriptor helps to break through psychological barriers to adoption and change.

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