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du contenu au client: There are 7 billion media companies. Change your paradigm.

by Frédéric Abella, du contenu au client (Excerpt)

There are 7 billion media companies. […]

Everyone is a media. Each habitant of the world is a media.

Who can say bad stuff about your company? Everyone.

Who can say good things about your company? Everyone. […]

Everyone has the means of writing, of photographing, of filming and of diffusing everything he wants. Everyone has the means of doing it in a few seconds. Everyone has the means of doing it towards the whole world. […]

Each blog is a media.

Each Twitter account is a media.

Each Facebook page is a media.

Each Youtube account is a media.

Each smartphone is a media.[…]

Such as a historical media, such as a journalist, each person can take information, publish it, compile it, transform it, and publish it. It is his message, his information. He is the media. He is the message.

Consequences for you? Each point of contact with your company is an occasion to disseminate an information about you. All that your company produces, a service, an object, an experience, an e-mail, a publicity, a video, a guide, a conversation, is a content to broadcast.

It is what Brian Solis tells us with “the audience of your audience”

As a digital society, we are ushering in an era where everyday people form a global network of self-empowered social intermediaries that accelerate and proliferate the reach and effect of information and experiences.” […]


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