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The Future of Travel and Tourism in a Post-COVID World

Every industry, in its own painful way, has been disrupted due to COVID-19. While I’ve been sharing scenarios of disruption for the last 20 years, I never considered a global pandemic of this caliber. I feel deeply for every industry and every company and every person affected. It’s why, at Salesforce, I’ve dedicated my research since March 2020, to understanding the effects of disruption to help executives navigate forward. My goal explored beyond the new or next normal toward one of promise, innovation, and scale.

Tourism is one industry that was dramatically impacted.

I’d been working with the team at Connect Travel and the 2020 eTourism Summit going back to 2019. When I originally committed to the event, I didn’t foresee the world that would become 2020. As we edged closer and closer to the event, I had to rethink not only the future of tourism, but also, the future of society and social interactions.

My work for the event was then focused on “Tourism Innovation in the Novel Economy and Beyond a Post-Covid World.

If you work in hospitality, travel, or tourism, I hope this presentation helps you…

“What an amazing session.  So insightful, actionable and inspiring. An extraordinary message that the travel industry needs to hear.”
– J. William Seccombe, President, ConnectTravel

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