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In the World of Social Media, Women Rule

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I recently published a detailed survey and analysis of the demographics that define the most popular social networks. While I shared the overall data for general review, there were a few interesting observations that were extracted by Information is Beautiful, Mashable, and Next Web that certainly inspire conversations and reactions.

The point of interest that’s worth review and discussion is that in Social Media, women rule.

Male: 43%
Female: 57%

Male: 48%
Female: 52%

Male: 41%
Female: 59%

Male: 45%
Female: 55%

Male: 36%
Female: 64%

Male: 41%
Female: 59%

Male: 43%
Female: 57%
Male: 45%
Female: 55%
Male: 34%
Female: 66%

Male: 43%
Female: 57% lives up to its name with its translation of my research into this stunning infographic:

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154 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “In the World of Social Media, Women Rule”

  1. Zee. says:

    Hey we posted about it too! (…) Not significant enough just yet huh…Don't worry that's soon to change. :] Great research btw.

  2. Dee says:

    Well, of course we rule~

  3. maryannm says:

    Yes, but you “guys” aren't that far behind in many cases, which is just as interesting. Face it, you really do like to talk almost as much as the girls!! You just needed a tech. tool to nudge you along!! Either that or you're good as long as it's 140 or less…

  4. There's such a major part to this equation that is totally being left out…. Women are on social networks relating, sharing, conversing, collaborating more often with men. I'd like to see some stats regarding the woman -> woman ratio vs the woman -> men ratio.

    • by the way… you could include virtual worlds into the social network scene. Second Life, for example has approx 65% women…. but most of us just think it's all men posing as women…. who knows.

  5. anandaleeke says:

    Brian, Thanks for posting this data. I love it. I am going to refer to it in one of my articles for my DC Social Media Examiner on I love your blog!

  6. Eric Melchor says:

    Brian, fun post! I guess all the men are too busy playing fantasy football or playstation.


  7. patricianco says:

    Very interesting stats…

  8. 🙂
    This is not really a surprise.

    • Eric Matas says:

      Just hit SocialMeidan with this: Not really surprising, though. Men are “too cool” for socializing. They're the silent, mysterious loners. They thrive in places like the wild west.

      Online, they repel the Facebooks (and Twitter? Really?) of the world and opt for solo rogue blogs, which may be why Digg, which is lame, is mostly male.

  9. Debbie Weil says:

    Brian, but you knew this, right?!

  10. nommo says:

    No surprise to me. I have been here since the early days of online (c 1994) – back when it was a way for young, white, males with a lack of social skills to think they were interacting with the opposite sex 😉

    I know that in general women are better conversationalists, better listeners, better networkers. Plus they look better in their profile pics 🙂

    I do wonder though, if the stats above are taking into account the number of fake female spambot accounts created to lure the aforementioned blokes, into clicking spam links etc…

  11. Patt Fousek says:

    my husband and I just had this conversation yesterday. I'm curious to know if those numbers reflect regular users of social media, or includes everyone that has an account. And, yes, chicks *do* rule!

  12. kingstony says:

    Yeah, and whilst you girls are fritting away your empty lives on facebook et al, men are out doing proper work.

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